Qualität verbindet.

We understand the market for pipe connections, the requirements of you and your customers. We encounter special quality requirements, extraordinary product certifications, time-critical production processes and static specifications with tradition, experience and proven industrial knowledge. Everything “made in Hamburg”.


Do you know that we have a lot in stock…

And that we produce everything else in no time?

Boundless service for unlimited coverage.
Our customers‘ deadlines are our deadlines.
Customer proximity means a very special relationship.
IT Solutions
Up to the correct record in your IT system…

Quality – we measure it constantly in all of our services so that you can enjoy it constantly

Individual item up to mass production. We have produced according to your wishes for more than 30 years…

Very best connections to the most efficient suppliers of the industry worldwide

Thinking outside the box
Stock, delivery fleet, IT and custom-made financing

Do you want to make most of your talents with us…

And while doing so, develop to the best of professionals?

Machine park developments

January 2016 - We do not consider ourselves as stockholders of piping components alone but for many years also as producers of steel flanges of the trade mark N+F. Using advanced machining equipment suitable for series production we are manufacturing flanges acc.

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